Pricelist of the Car Park

Monday to Sunday
€ 3.00
Whole day
€ 9.00
Mon. -Sat.
Whole day
€ 3.00
Whole evening
€ 3.00
Whole night
€ 2.00
Working days pass
€ 129.00
24/7 contract card
(daily, 00:00-24:00)
€ 169.00
Night contract card
(Mon. - Fri., 18:00-09:00)
€ 39.00
Night contract card
(Mon. - Fri. 18:00-09:00, Sat. - Sun. 00-24)
€ 69.00
Minimum payment:
€ 1.00

Payment step:
€ 1.00

Tariffs listed including the VAT as set by state legislation


  1. The territory of this parking lot is private property.
  2. These Parking Lot Terms of Use are binding on all persons (vehicle users) parking their vehicle in this territory. When parking the vehicle in the parking lot, the vehicle user fully acknowledges these Parking Lot Terms of Use as binding upon him/her (as well as the owner of the vehicle).
  3. Payment for the period of use of the parking lot shall be made as post-payment by using the automatic cash box or the manual cash desk, according to the specified rates.
  4. Prior to driving into the parking lot, its users are obliged to be familiarised with the Parking Lot Terms of Use.
  5. After driving into the parking lot, the user is given 5 minutes to leave the parking lot without any payment.
  6. When the Vehicle user arrives at the parking space, he/she must take a ticket. Payment for use of the parking space can be made in the payment machine before departure from the parking space according to the tariffs that are indicated by the parking space entrance and payment machines. After you have made payment, you must leave the parking space within 10 minutes. If you exceed this time, you have to pay accordingly for the exceeded time.
  7. The vehicle must be parked in the parking lot according to the information signs and horizontal markings.
  8. If the parking time of the vehicle exceeds 2 days, it must be arranged with the employee of the car park, and the vehicle must be parked in the allocated space.”
  9. Parking lot opening hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Minimum payment for use of the Parking Lot is the payment for one hour based on the approved rates.
  10. If the time period for which a vehicle has been continuously parked at the car park exceeds 2 days, for each day fixed fee is implemented € 14 per day. .
  1. In case of losing the Parking Garage ticket, in addition to the payment for the parking services, client must pay a ticket renewal fee of € 30 (twenty euros) at the Operator Centre.
  2. Only registered vehicles (here in after the Vehicle) are permitted to park in the parking lot.
  3. LLC Centrus Parking takes no responsibility for damage or theft to vehicles or vehicle contents.
  4. The parking lot user is responsible for safety of the Vehicle parked in the parking lot.
  5. If the Vehicle is located in the parking lot in breach of these Parking Lot Terms of Use, in such a way that the Vehicle causes inconvenience in using the parking lot by other users, LLC Centrus Parking shall be entitled to forcibly move or remove the Vehicle.
  6. It is prohibited in the parking lot to:
    • Smoke or use alcoholic beverages as well as other intoxicating substances;
    • Store flammable and explosive substances and items in the vehicles as well as transport such, load,unload and use open fire;
    • Perform repair of the vehicle, fill the fuel or oil. In the event of necessity, filling the windshieldwashing liquid and cooling liquid, pumping air into the tires and change such is allowed;
    • Park the vehicles with gasoline tanks that have not been sealed airtight;
    • Perform any activities that may cause damage to other users of the parking lot;
    • Stay in the salons of the vehicles for longer periods, if such is not related to parking the vehicle inthe parking lot, driving in or out of the parking lot, loading or unloading of baggage.
  7. Users of the parking lot are liable for all damages caused by their direct or indirect activities to other users of the parking lot.
  8. In the event of the activity of the parking lot user resulting in any damage to vehicles of other parking lot users, such user is obliged to immediately notify the parking lot administration.
  9. Advertising materials distribution and selling of goods is prohibited without a prior agreement with LLC Centrus Parking.
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Contract parking

Short-term subscription

 Short-term subscription provides for an unlimited use of parking space for up to 28 days. If you wish to extend your short-term subscription or buy new subscription, you should enter into a long-term agreement.

To buy a short-term subscription, please:

contact us at the phone number 67399131 or write at .

After getting an approval from the representative of Centrus Parking, you should pay at the payment office of Centrus Parking (by a prior agreement with the representative of Centrus Parking, phone 67399131) and receive your subscription card at the payment office of Centrus Parking.


Long-term subscription

To use parking space for a long term (time of use depends on subscription type), we offer you to sign a permanent agreement, which may be terminated by giving at least a one-month prior notice in writing.

To enter into a long-term subscription agreement, please:

 contact us at the phone number 67399131 or  (after receiving your application, we will e-mail you a paid parking space agreement);

complete the agreement received by e-mail in accordance with information stated in the application, print it out in two copies and sign (by a prior arrangement, the agreement may be prepared and printed out also in the office of Centrus Parking);

after receiving an approval from the representative of Centrus Parking on the first date of the agreement please deliver both copies of the agreement you have signed to the payment office of Centrus Parking and receive your subscription card (if the agreement is made in the office of Centrus Parking, it will be signed at the time you receive your subscription card).

Long-term subscription is payable in advance as stated in the agreement.

Monthly invoices for the use of parking space will be sent only by e-mail.

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